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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is an Affordable Housing Viability Assessment?

Q.  When should I engage the services of a viability consultant?

Q.  Is an Affordable Housing Statement the same as a Viability Assessment?

Q.  The site currently has planning permission with a signed S106 Agreement but due to current market conditions it is not viable to provide the agreed mix/level of affordable housing. Can the S106 Agreement be changed?

Q.  The LPA insists that the proposed development provides 50% of all units for affordable housing — is this negotiable?

Q.  The Council insists that the affordable housing land/units are transferred freehold to Registered Providers (RP) on their preferred RP partners’ list — is this correct?

Q.  The LPA insist that the affordable housing tenures must be split 70% rent and 30% shared ownership (Intermediate Housing). Is this correct?

Q.  The draft S106 Agreement requires service charges to be capped at £1,000 per annum in order to make the affordable housing "affordable" — is that legal?

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